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Allergen-Friendly Baking: Egg Substitutes

Being a newly eggless baker, finding good egg substitutes for your baked goods at home can be an overwhelming task. Well, fret no more! Here is a bit of clarity and guidance to help you understand what egg substitutes are out there and what type of baked good it can best be substituted into. 

Egg substitution is fairly simple. Each item listed below is an easy go-to measurement for replacing 1 egg for a recipe. If the recipe calls for 2 eggs, simply double the amount.  Please note that not every item listed should be substituted in every situation. Part of the journey is researching and having an appetite for knowledge. It’s empowering, I promise, despite how overwhelming it may seem. Get to know these items and start experimenting in your own kitchen. You might find a different preference than what I have…and that is the beauty of individuality.

For a more comprehensive list you can visit here to get the full scoop on egg substitutes: